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SentinelOne is more than Anti-virus, it is EDR

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SentinelOne helps protect your Personal Computer or MacOS device from ransomware, malware, and viruses.

Sentinel One is one of the leading products that is consistently ranked #1 by Gartner that utilizes AI to anticipate threats, manage vulnerabilities, and protect your endpoints (PCs and Macs).  

Modern Protection

Rethink your understanding of antivirus solutions. SentinelOne revolutionizes the field by predicting, halting, and reversing the impacts of malware and harmful actions instantly with a single agent.

Baked-In Automation

Automatically receive essential insights that empower administrators to swiftly grasp ongoing events and facilitate a smooth recovery process.

Easy, Flexible Management

Discover a fully adaptable cloud-first SaaS that powers a seamlessly interoperable solution, offering ease in installation, management, and maintenance.

NGAV & Behavioral AI Threat Prevention

Protects against ransomware, known and unknown malware, trojans, hacking tools, memory exploits, script misuse, bad macros, and living off the land attacks.

1-Click Remediation Recovery

Remediation and rollback are automated, allowing you to get working again with very little time spent.

Incident Reporting

Weekly reporting right to your inbox of the previous weeks’ threats.

Affordable pricing

Choose from our plans below

Monthly Subscription

Per Computer / Per Month

$ 9.99
  • 1 Licensed PC

    2 revisions

  • Cancel Anytime
  • Free Remote Monitoring
  • 24×7 Support

Annual Subscription

10% Discount Per Computer / Per Month

$ 109.99
  • 1 Licensed PC

    3 revisions

  • Cancel Anytime
  • Free Remote Monitoring
  • 24×7 Support

How It works

Protect your data from ransomware

Sentinel One comes with a patented roll-back feature that is baked into the product without any extra software needed.  All you need to do is: 

Purchase a plan.

After purchase, you will have access to our portal, which will have installation files for you to download, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download and install the file that works with your Operating System (Windows, MacOS, or Linux).


Our system will generate a “site token” which will be e-mailed to the address you entered at purchase. Copy / paste this token when requested by the installer file.


Wait for the install to complete, then reboot your machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Endpoint Detection Response 101

Endpoint security software is a protective application deployed on devices such as laptops, desktops, and servers. It shields these endpoints from a myriad of threats, including malware, exploits, active attacks, script-based incursions, and more. The primary goal is to safeguard against data theft, financial gain from malicious activities, or causing damage to systems, individuals, or entities.  

An endpoint represents one terminus of a communication path. It pertains to elements within a network that don’t merely pass along messages through its pathways or transfer those messages to different routes. Instead, an endpoint is the origin point from which communications are sent and the destination point where they are delivered.

EDR equips an organization with the capability to scrutinize endpoints for unusual activity, meticulously logging each action and incident. It then aggregates this data to offer vital insights for identifying sophisticated threats and ultimately executes automated reactions, like segregating a compromised endpoint from the network, almost instantaneously.  

The SentinelOne platform employs proprietary technology to safeguard businesses against cyber threats. It adopts a comprehensive multi-vector strategy, utilizing pre-execution Static AI technologies that supplant traditional Anti Virus applications. 

Furthermore, SentinelOne leverages Behavioral AI technologies during execution to identify irregular behavior instantly, capturing a range of threats like fileless attacks, exploits, malicious macros, nefarious scripts, cryptominers, and ransomware. 

With responses delivered in a matter of milliseconds to halt attacks, SentinelOne drastically minimizes the time threats remain undetected to virtually nil. Its response capabilities encompass alerts, termination of processes, isolation, reversal of undesirable changes, Windows rollback for data recovery, network isolation, remote shell access, and more. 

The SentinelOne agent delivers defense capabilities independently of internet connectivity. It ensures protection against malware threats during periods when the device is not connected to the internet. Nevertheless, administrative oversight and operations within the console will be temporarily unavailable until the device re-establishes an online connection. 

SentinelOne distinguishes itself from conventional antivirus solutions by delivering a more dynamic and extensive approach to safeguarding endpoints. Here’s a breakdown of its standout features:

  • AI-Powered Detection: Moving away from the outdated signature-based methods of traditional antivirus, SentinelOne harnesses sophisticated AI-driven algorithms that proactively detect and disarm threats instantly, using Static AI to preemptively catch risks and Behavioral AI to monitor ongoing activities for potential threats. 

  • Comprehensive Security Coverage: SentinelOne transcends the limitations of endpoint protection, encompassing security for containers, cloud operations, and IoT devices. It offers an integrated platform that caters to the varied security demands of modern enterprises.

  • Swift Automated Mitigation: The platform is engineered to minimize the active duration of threats to almost nothing, featuring automatic responses like notifications, process termination, file isolation, and the capability to reverse the effects of attacks to retrieve lost data.

  • Alignment with MITRE ATT&CK®: SentinelOne’s detection and response actions are in sync with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, offering users strategic insights and methodologies that adhere to established industry protocols.

  • Proactive Threat Hunting: SentinelOne streamlines the complex process of correlating events with tools like Storyline™, enabling analysts to swiftly pinpoint the origins of a security issue.

  • Endorsements from Users: The solution has garnered high praise from its user base and recognition from industry experts, underscoring its superiority over traditional antivirus products.
By weaving these cutting-edge functionalities into a singular, unified platform, SentinelOne presents a robust and forward-looking security solution that far exceeds the traditional capabilities of antivirus software.
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